Dividers and Sneeze Guards new York

Social Distancing Safety Shields & Barriers 

Dividers and Sneeze Guards new York - covid19
Dividers and Sneeze Guards new York - covid19

have you Ever thought of using glass clamps, glass adapters or base shoes to create a divider or sneeze guard? Our products are easy to maintain and makes for elegant looking designs. Here are some great examples.


Combine our hardware round, square or rectangular tube with matching glass clamps or spider adapters and you have a stylish looking divider. Corner solutions are available as well.
Dividers and Sneeze Guards new York
Dividers and Sneeze Guards new York 

Dividers and Sneeze Guards new York
Dividers and Sneeze Guards new York 

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Giovani Glass since its inception creates works not only aesthetic, but also functional and safe and glass dividers are no exception. Undoubtedly the pandemic has marked a before and after in which we learned many things that were insignificant before and now we value more.

For example, we take care of each other and this is one of the ways to do it. Of course, it could not be missing in our menu of options. We are known for being up to date with rules and regulations and when it comes to health and wellness much more. 

So take care of yourself and others with a distinguished look that our glass dividers present especially for Banks, Restaurants, Clinics, Bakeries or any commercial premises.

We have a long history of creating superior glass and mirror products for New Yorkers, satisfying their needs in a fast and affordable way for everyone.

With us you can find glass in:

  • Ornamental accessories
  • Doors for bedrooms, showers, offices
  • Windows
  • Flooring
  • Ceilings
  • Cubicles
  • Panels
  • Tables
  • Fences...

Of course separators.

When we inspect the site we will detect exactly what you need, without extra work or costs. We have a commercial operation permit with insurance that guarantees that you will have a complete job and adjusted to what you need. 

We work in optimal time thanks to our human talent and state-of-the-art work tools. We will also deliver small, medium or large jobs, there is no limit so the price also fits your budget.
Contact us, expand this information and receive a completely free quote.

How to order your safety shields with us.