Giovani Glass Mirrors
Giovani Glass Mirrors

Mirrors have existed since ancient times. In fact, the first mirrors were water wells in which people could observe themselves. Then the Egyptians, Etruscans and Romans were in charge of making mirrors as a toilet accessory based on metal.
Until then, the mirror is a decorative, aesthetic and functional element present in residential or commercial areas that you can see in different sizes, designs and colors...
A common area where it is almost impossible to miss a mirror is the bathroom. You can find from small round mirrors, to those that occupy much of the wall, which are usually commercial bathrooms or in large residences.
Another of course is the bedroom. It may be hanging on the wall or standing on a wooden stand, plastic, steel. With a more decorative character you can find it in the dining room. Of course it has the same utility but it is usually part of the ornament of the place.

In Giovani Glass we manufacture spectacular mirrors of custom cut adapted to your need.

available thickness : 1/8 ", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8",1/2" call us for custom thickness,
any Colored mirror are available. contact us for custom color mirror

Actually there are many options in which to install a mirror; ceilings, floors, elevators, cars, beauty salons and much more that help us in the day to day or simply enhance the beauty of the place.

Giovani Glass is a company specialized in glass and mirrors that for more than a decade has materialized the dreams of New Yorkers in terms of renovation, remodeling or construction.Our expertise allows us to create in optimum time high quality projects that exceed customer expectations. This is also possible thanks to the innovative tools at our disposal.

We elaborate small, medium, large projects, in other words just the right size for our clients in terms of requirements and budget we have no problem with it.

Our company has a current legal registration with permits, licenses and insurances that support you in case of any problem.  So you can rest assured that you will get the job complete and just the way you need it.

It is incredible the amount of work we can accomplish with glass, in fact our work history certifies it. You can see a small sample here. We also invite you to browse through all the pages of our website.
But if you want more samples, you can contact us and expand this information.

Regarding mirrors, we manufacture spectacular custom cut mirrors. For example:

  • Custom made square mirror
  • Round mirror 
  • Rectangular mirror 
  • Custom bathroom mirror 
  • Gymnasium mirror 
  • Wall mirrors 
  • Dressing room mirror 
  • Vanity mirrors 
  • Ceiling mirrors

Polished flat edge mirrors: A flat edge, the most common, has been sanded and polished to a smooth, shiny finish. Mirrors with flat polished edges are an excellent complement to modern, minimalist decor.

Beveled edge mirrors: A beveled edge involves cutting and polishing a mirror to a specific bevel width, which is chosen by the buyer during customization. Normal bevel widths can range from 1/4" to 1 3/4". The finished product is very attractive, making bevel edge mirrors a perfect decorative element for any room. 

Stitched edge mirrors: Beveled edges are applied to mirrors primarily as a safety measure. The rough edges are sanded to make the mirror easier to handle. However, due to the relatively unfinished look of a stitched edge, this type of mirror is primarily recommended for framing.