90 Degre Corner Shower

90 Degree shower Doors


You want to modernize a small bathroom, perhaps the room is triangular or hexagonal in shape and is difficult to work with? You simply want to give it the look of a larger space. Well, that's not a problem because with the installation of 90 degree shower doors you will achieve amazing results.

This type of shower doors was created precisely for small or unconventionally shaped bathrooms. Therefore, it would be complicated to install an ordinary shower door. So, these will solve the problem, while giving an elegant and modern touch to the place.

The idea is to mount it in a corner so that there is free space for the other elements and project minimalism and spaciousness. In effect, you will feel at ease, with a renewed, comfortable and luxurious environment. 

Specifications of 90 degree shower doors

  • Width: you can find them between 24" to 36";
  • Height: 72" to 96";
  • Colors: Clear, opaque, smooth, textured;
  • Handles and locks: Stainless steel, plus there are several options in handle types. Locks are also available;
  • Glass type: tempered, polycarbonate or acrylic;

Types of 90-degree corner shower doors

  • Neoangular: they consist of two doors that cut precisely at the 90° angle, especially for irregular spaces.
  • Sliding: One of the panes is a fixed glass wall, while the other is a sliding door.
  • Rectangular: it is formed by the four sides with glass walls. But, the one at the 90° angle is the one containing the handles.

Manufacturers of 90-degree corner shower doors in New York City

At Giovani Glass we specialize in the fabrication and installation of framed and frameless shower doors and bathtub enclosures using only the highest quality glass and hardware available. Our glass is manufactured from tempered safety glass with highly polished edges. All hinges, glass clips and handles are solid brass and stainless steel. It can be coated with any finish. 

We have expert Engineers, Architects, Glaziers and Designers who will listen to your ideas and crystallize them as you require. In fact, we work on projects of any size: small, medium or large, we have no limits.

A company builds customer loyalty with good treatment, quality products and services and price accessibility. Also, guarantee in the fulfillment of the points as agreed by the parties. Well, with us you can be sure of an impeccable work, optimal, on time and without additional charge.