Inline Shower Enclosure

Inline Shower Enclosure

Do you want to make the most of the dimensions of your bathroom or give it a modern look? Also, you would like to give this place a feeling of spaciousness and light without moving a block.... You simply want to update your personal washroom? Then we have the perfect recommendation for you: In-line shower doors.

And not only will you be at the forefront of a current trend, but the room will get a number of additional benefits such as minimalist touch, cleanliness, brightness, brightness, openness and many more.

Another of the wonders is that you have not only one option, but several so that you have the freedom to choose the one that fits your style and budget. 

In-Line Shower Door Specifications

  • Width: Ranges from 24" to 36";
  • Height: ranges from 72" to 96";
  • Stainless steel or plastic handles but of extreme quality;
  • Stainless steel locks and sockets;
  • Frameless glass.

Shower door designs online

You can take them with tempered glass. Although it is of higher cost, the level of security and durability is high;

Acrylic; They are of a quality plastic although not of the same level as tempered glass. They are also less expensive;

Polycarbonate; another type of plastic more resistant than acrylic; difficult to break.

Online Shower Door Manufacturers in New York City

Here at Giovani Glass we specialize in manufacturing and installing,frame and frameless shower doors. tub enclosures using only the finest quality glass and hard ware available. Our glass is manufactured from tempered safety glass with highly polished edges. All hinges, glass clips and handles are solid brass & can be plated to any finish.

100% guarantee in all our projects and we will not finish a project until you are satisfied. In fact, that is our philosophy. If you have a small project, we'll cover it, or a medium one, we are, of course, also complex. There is no limit.


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