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Giovani Glass New York offers a very simple way to renew your kitchen – print the bright stylish image directly onto the glass kitchen backsplash.

Glass printing
 Glass printing by Giovani Glass

When it is time to install a new kitchen backsplash or update your old one, glass backsplash ideas should definitely be in the running for your kitchen design.

Glass printing
 Glass printing

We can make printed glass kitchen backsplashes in any size, any design, any color!. In fact we have a large collection of ready-to-print images and designs to suit every taste. Whether you like abstract images, landscapes or beautiful flowers, you're likely to find it all in our catalog.

Direct UV-Printing on the backside of the glass is not only esthetic solution for interior renovation but it also helps to protect the surface from the humidity and direct sunlight.


  • Any chemical can be used to clean surfaces
  • Resistant up to 900°F
  • Kein Verlust von Farbe oder Glanz mit der Zeit
  • Extremely hard to scratch

Our Advantages:

You can choose from our collection of amazing designs or bring your own image. We are able to match any color as well.