Methods of Glass Matting new york

Glass matting new york is the opposite of polishing, creating a matte surface, roughening and opacity of the glass surface. By matting on the surface of the glass, you can create a matte pattern.

Frosted Glass

Glass matting technologies are widely used in the manufacture of decorative elements, jewelry, souvenirs, glass furniture, glass doors and a wide variety of other glass products.

Methods of glass matting can be divided into the following groups:

• Matting by machining;
• Chemical methods;
• Application of matte kilning coatings;
• Application of matte paint coatings;
• Matting in other ways.

When matting by machining, the surface layer of glass is removed or damaged by abrasive material. Mechanical methods of glass matting include engraving, faceting, grinding and sandblasting the glass.

Frosted Glass Partition

Chemical methods of glass matting - is damage to the glass surface under the action of chemicals. Today, these methods allow achieving the highest quality matte glass surface.

One way to get a frosted layer on glass is to apply a special coating and then bake it in a kiln. In this case, the surface is not as smooth as in chemical etching. The disadvantage of this method is the relatively high cost of kilns, which have impressive dimensions and high energy consumption. The advantage is the absence of harmful chemical reagents.

The effect of matting also occurs when white and translucent organic varnishes, paints and polyurethane-based polymeric compositions are applied to the glass surface.

Frosted glass is a good alternative to present your office, bathrooms, boardrooms, medical offices and other residential or commercial spaces. It is a matter of ingenuity to apply a personal style that goes according to your own character.

Being an opaque or semi-opaque glass is suitable to give privacy to the place of installation. Besides that you appreciate a decoration with a different style than usual but that transmits the same or better sensation.

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