The Comfort of Your Glass Shower new york and new jersey

When choosing doors for a shower, it is important to accurately measure your shower area after it has been put into shape (laying tiles, etc.) to know exactly how much space you have. You need to make measurements at the top and bottom of the space for your shower and use a plumb to make sure your walls are straight. If you notice that there is a slight difference in width at the top and bottom of the shower, or that the plumb line indicates that your walls are not vertical, you should choose a sliding door for the shower with an adjustable bracket. They can usually be adjusted to an inch to accommodate to uneven walls.

The Comfort of Your Bathroom
The Comfort of Your Bathroom

Some sliding shower doors new york can be adjusted to fit irregularly sized holes. This is a perfect choice as they ensure that you can get a perfect fit. You can cut the slider to fit the width of the shower door.

Sliding shower doors can be supplied with various sets of features for ease of use.

Water deflector. To ensure that water stays safe in the shower, some shower doors are equipped with a special water deflector. A water deflector ensures that any water that enters the shower door is quickly and efficiently diverted back to the shower stall. This means that there will be no water on the bathroom floor when you exit the shower.
Beauty and Style
Beauty and Style
Towel racks and shelves for toiletries. For complete convenience while taking a shower, why not choose a shower door with a towel rack? Please note that some shower doors are made so that a towel can be hung only on one side of the door, while others give you a choice.

When you take a shower, it is very helpful to have a place where you can put toiletries. What could be sadder than trying to stick shampoo or soap on the rim of the base of the shower, and during the whole procedure try not to step on them when they slide on the floor of the shower. After that, we assure you, you want to choose a sliding door with shelves, or even a whole system of shower panels. Although, maybe you will like the graceful shelf in the corner.

At Giovani Glass, we know exactly the type of shower door that fits your bathroom perfectly. We also have a variety of designs and styles in stock for you to choose from.

We offer radial, sliding, Neo angle... with frosted, gradient, framed and frameless glass. Rest assured that the type of glass we use is of the highest quality to provide not only aesthetics but also functionality.

So give your bathroom a different look with a style that fits perfectly with your personality and make a difference, while retaining the elegance that characterizes all our work.

And to complement the decor you can add a mirror that gives an extra touch to achieve the project that you long for in your room. We have fantastic classic, modern or whatever style you have in mind. For us there is no limit.

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