Low-Iron glass new york Shop Window

A super-transparent glass is a glass with reduced iron content. The amount of iron in this glass is 10 times less than normal. Due to this composition, low-iron glass is devoid of turquoise hue, which is typical of ordinary glass. The glass with reduced iron content conveys the colors better without distorting their shade. 

Low-Iron glass
Low-Iron glass 
The properties of super-clear glass determine the scope of its application. It is obvious, that such a glass is great when its beautiful appearance is important. It is used to create doors, shop windows, and aquariums, as well as for situations where the glass should be thicker but still look beautiful. Indeed, as the thickness of ordinary glass increases, the greenish-blue tint becomes more noticeable.

Low-Iron glass  from Giovani Glass
Low-Iron glass  from Giovani Glass
Shop windows and showcases are an important application for low-iron glass. On the glass display shelves, all the items look beautiful and attractive, while the showcase itself does not distract attention. Low-iron glass perfectly transmits light without distorting the appearance of the presented product. In addition, the shop window will look elegant itself and will not irritate with the turquoise edges.

Such a showcase or shop window will look especially beautiful in case of the bright lighting. It is ideal for the demonstration of various sparkling jewelry. It will seem to visitors that there is no glass at all because nothing will prevent them from viewing the goods.

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