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In large office centers and multi-story country cottages, glass elevator shafts mounted on fixed supports or made using frameless technology are especially popular. According to the architects, the glazing of elevator shafts may include the use of both flat and curved tempered glass - triplex, fixed on supports with the help of spot mounts. Such an approach to the design of shopping centers and other buildings allows us to make them more modern, as well as to include functional and airy decorations in the interior.

Glass Elevator
Glass Elevator
 Such spectacular design solutions require impeccable execution and installation of complex structures. Installation of glass structures for elevator shafts is carried out by specialists of the highest level, in accordance with existing safety standards and rules. The work uses exclusively shockproof and safety glass. As a result, you will receive not only elevator shafts made of glass of various shades and degrees of transparency, but also constructions capable of withstanding significant loads, as well as reliable mechanisms for sliding glass elevator doors.

Glazing types:

1. Frameless. Triplex is attached to the frame of steel structures on point connectors, including spiders. As a result, the elevator shaft acquires increased rigidity and strength.

Glass Elevator
Glass Elevator

2. Attached. As the supporting structures, aluminum (or metal-plastic) and single-chamber double-glazed windows are used.

3. Self-supporting rack-mount and crossbar glazing of elevator shafts, in which aluminum vitrages are used, bearing screw extensions with a steel or wood frame. Such a facade system is filled with laminated glass or double-glazed windows.

Due to the ability to create any shape from glass, the shafts can have a variety of parameters, including a glass of various shades, from lightened and transparent to tinted or matte.

Giovani Glass has the legal permits required to operate glass works of any magnitude including the glazing of elevators and elevator shafts.

As proven in our portfolio and from the mouths of our customers we have the required expertise to perform this type of highly delicate works.  
We also use high quality glass and in the best presentations that fit perfectly with the project you have in mind.

We work with the latest generation tools that allow us to deliver superior works in record time, exceeding expectations. We manage very well the relationship between price and quality so that you pay only the right price.

Our company creates glass projects such as:

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Accessories
  • Ceilings
  • Furniture
  • Countertops
  • Stairs
  • Fences...

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