The Application of Textured Glass new york

Gradient Patterned Glass
Gradient Patterned Glass

Textured glass new york is a sheet of transparent or obscure glass, which has an uneven surface consisting of three-dimensional ornaments or patterns. Such glass is made by passing it between two rollers at the temperature of about 800 degrees. In such conditions, a sheet of glass retains its basic shape, but the solid surface of the rollers leaves an imprint on the surface of the glass. The volumetric pattern on the glass serves as an ornament and is also capable of providing the necessary level of privacy.

The patterned glass will be a beautiful decoration of furniture. It is possible to make tables, chairs, or cabinet doors from it. It is also a wonderful material for creating doors, fences, and partitions. In the bathroom, it may be present in the form of glass shower doors. Tiles and protective backsplashes for the kitchen are also made of such material.

Textured Glass Door
Textured Glass Door

Volumetric patterns of textured glass blend with color very nicely. The glass can be either monochrome or multi-color (for example, gradient textured glass looks very beautiful). Built-in lighting can turn a piece of furniture into a beautiful night lamp. For the textured glass, the use of colored built-in lighting is justified. The uneven surface of the glass will create different shades of the color.

An important advantage of the patterned glass is that it is able to provide the necessary level of privacy, which will depend on the pattern. Thus, by choosing a pattern, you select the transparency coefficient of the product simultaneously. If you are interested in obscure glass, you could also like frosted and Privacy Glass.

It is fantastic all that can be obtained from glass in terms of decoration applies. Of course, creativity plays an important role when designing or manufacturing an element with this magical material. And it is precisely what Giovani Glass has plenty of.

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