Glass products can have very diverse characteristics, such as glass thickness, the level of transparency, color, and texture. The combination of various methods of glass processing allows creating very unusual and, sometimes, even unique products. If you are not eager to experiment for a long time with the appearance of the future glass, you can choose one of our ready-made templates.
Taffeta Glass
Taffeta Glass

A wide variety of the types of glass presented by us will let you choose the most suitable option. For example, you can order a glass called "Taffeta". This model is worthy of attention due to its delicate silk pattern. "Taffeta" is a textured (or patterned) glass. It means that the pattern is applied to a heated glass surface with the help of special rollers. Due to this process, the image is volumetric and pleasant to the touch, it will never burn out or fade.

The delicate pattern of this glass is made in the floral style. It makes "Taffeta" glass the perfect decoration for rooms, which are connected with nature. For example, the fences made of such glass would look very harmonious in the conditions of a garden or patio. This material is perfect for decorating the bathroom. The water drops will only complement the transparent three-dimensional pattern.
Taffeta glass. The Level of Privacy
Taffeta has a Moderate Level of Privacy

"Taffeta" glass is able to diffuse the light slightly and provide partial privacy. For this reason, it can be a very good option for the design of shower and interior doors. At your request, this glass can be tempered or laminated. It is a desirable precautionary measure that will ensure safety in your cozy home.

At Giovani Glass you have the opportunity to choose from many options of glass and mirrors to decorate mirrors to decorate residential and commercial spaces. There is so much in stock that you won't you won't know which one to choose. But don't worry, we have expert advisors to help you choose the style that choose the style that fits you.

We have for you, frosted glass, gradient, bronze, sandblasted, and taffeta glass could not be could not be overlooked. Make your room an exclusive and admirable place with elements made of this type of glass. elements made of this type of glass. There is really no limit for us when creating when it comes to creating works with glass and mirror.

Each element has its own charm and reflects the personality of each person. In fact, we work we work so that you bring to your home a totally personalized product that fits your essence and not others. with your essence and not that of others. 

For this we have specialists in the area that will know exactly what you are looking for and will materialize in a short time that project that you have in mind and that you long for. In addition, they will be available at all times to guide you with a first class advice.

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